Darfur and liberia essay

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Darfur and liberia essay

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Sleeping accommodations are frequently tentsprefabricated huts, or dwellings constructed of locally available materials. UNHCR recommends a minimum of 3. There should be at least 2m between shelters. Gardens attached to the family plot. UNHCR recommends a plot size of 15 sqm per person. Hygiene facilities, such as washing areas, latrines or toilets.

UNHCR recommends one shower per 50 persons and one communal latrine per 20 persons. Distance for the latter should be no more than 50m from shelter and not closer than 6m.

Hygiene facilities should be separated by gender. Places for water collection: UNHCR recommends 20 litres of water per person and one tap stand per 80 persons that should be no farther than m away from households. Clinics, hospitals and immunization centres: UNHCR recommends one health centre per 20, persons and one referral hospital perpersons.

Food distribution and therapeutic feeding centres: UNHCR recommends one food distribution centre per 5, persons and one feeding centre per 20, persons. Some long-standing camps have their own radio stations. Security, including protection from banditry e. Police stations may be outside the actual camp.

Schools and training centers: UNHCR recommends one school per 5, persons.

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Market stalls at Nong Samet Refugee Camp in The market was established and run by the refugees and sold goods from Thailand as well as food, supplies and medicines distributed by aid agencies.

UNHCR recommends one market place per 20, persons. Many refugee camps also have: Cemeteries or crematoria Locations for solid waste disposal. One litre rubbish container should be provided per 50 persons and one refuse pit per persons.

Darfur and liberia essay

Reception or transit centre where refugees initially arrive and register before they are allowed into the camp. Reception centres may be outside the camps and closer to the border of the country where refugees enter.

Churches or other religious centers or places of worship [8] In order to understand and monitor an emergency over a period of time, the development and organisation of the camps can be tracked by satellite [9] and analyzed via GIS.

The journey can be dangerous, e. Some refugees are supported by IOMsome use smugglers. Many new arrivals suffer from acute malnutrition and dehydration.

There can be long queues outside the reception centres and waiting times of up to two months are possible. People outside the camp are not entitled to official support but refugees from inside may support them.

ICPD Cairo 1994, UNFPA

Some locals sell water or food for excessive prices and make large profits with it. It is not uncommon that some refugees die while waiting outside the reception centre. They stay in the reception centre until their refugee status is approved and the degree of vulnerability assessed.

This usually takes two weeks. They are then taken, usually by bus, to the camp. New arrivals are registered, fingerprinted and interviewed by the host country government and the UNHCR.

Health and nutrition screenings follow. Those who are extremely malnourished will be taken to therapeutic feeding centres and the sick to hospital.Failed states can no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance, usually due to fractious violence or extreme poverty.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and torosgazete.com An Analysis Of The Sudanese Darfur Conflict Politics Essay.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Free Essay: March 23rd, The Darfur Conflict The government of Sudan, a country in Northeast Africa, is committing a horrendous crime against humanity.

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There have been many wars in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cote d’Ivoire. Since the end of colonialism, West African states have often been affected by instability. The modern world has placed its hopes in internationalism and therein no doubt its future lies. Now, in an international environment, man’s rights can only be on what is universal, on ideas capable of bringing together men of all races.

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