If i counld change just one

If given the chance to revisit the past and change the outcome of a situation, I would have not dropped out of school and later gotten my GED.

If i counld change just one

By Josh HallFeb 21 Illustration by: With all but the top-earning musicians struggling to get paid, the promise of a new technology that could support artists at both ends of scale seems almost too good to be true.

Josh Hall finds out how the blockchain could upend the industry. SoundCloud is starting to look like the first dead unicorn of its generation. Attacked on all sides by legal challenges, licensing issues and excessive downtime, the company is now frantically looking for a buyer to pull it out of the quagmire.

SoundCloud is emblematic of a music industry that is, as it has been since the advent of Napster, in a quiet existential crisis. SoundCloud spent years trying to convince the major labels to get on board. At the same time, those same labels saw their revenues decimated by the very technologies SoundCloud was built on.

The video platform is the first port of call for many fans, but more often than not, a play on YouTube delivers nothing to the artist.

The blame often lies either with incomplete or absent metadata few fans uploading a Rinse FM radio rip would bother with proper credits or with opaque deals done by labels years before they really understood what streaming meant for the industry.

So how can we fix it? According to some, the answer lies with the technology du jour: Bitcoin, however, shows what can happen when blockchains achieve scale.

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It is, theoretically at least, incredibly secure: Benji Rogers is the founder of dotBlockchaina new company aiming to apply a distributed ledger system to music.

It aims to develop a new standard for music content, called. But unlike those existing formats. MP3s, AACs and the rest, are laughably insecure when it comes to metadata. As Rogers points out, it is the work of seconds to strip out artist data from a file of this kind. The blockchain technology also offers the opportunity to conduct transactions virtually in real time, circumventing an industry that, according to Rogers, still routinely conducts its business on paper.

In a blockchain model, an artist might set out the terms on which they want to license a track, and any restrictions on use. But while dotBlockchain is coming at the problem from an infrastructure perspective, Dryhurst is primarily involved in Resonatea new blockchain-based streaming platform founded in Berlin by entrepreneur Peter Harris.

They suggest, for example, that an artist could specify that they want to give away free plays, that they want their music heard in public venues, and that they want to limit plays from outside the Resonate app to just their own website.

Or, in fact, they could choose to do none of the above — the limitless parameters offered by the blockchain should, in theory, render possible virtually any combination of requirements.

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But blockchain has implications beyond artists and the industry. We need to develop toolboxes for individual artists to make these calls for themselves, which in turn will unearth a number of competing ideologies on IP.

He also sees changes ahead for intellectual property, but not all necessarily good. The laws around fair use of copyrighted material might change, and that would make it difficult for artists who cannot afford to pay royalties. Nobody wants to put their neck out as far as I have yet, but we do have three, potentially five companies that are going to publicly agree to sponsor development.

If i counld change just one

Bitcoin grabs the headlines, but the major finance and tech players are already scrambling to grasp the implications of the technology that lies behind it — the Financial Times even has a blog series dedicated to blockchain advances.Second, the church was not a human invention.

Half-reading the New Testament with one eye closed will still lead you to the inescapable conclusion that the church was God’s idea. This post is part of a three-part series on the grievous deficiencies of Wikipedia administrators. Last week's post generated a lot of controversy.

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Here are. My thought was I have to change the way I do things in the army with the right attitude and confidence. The drive forward to success eliminating anyone who discos rages me from achieving my goals. If I Counld Change Just One Thing ; Post navigation.

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If i counld change just one

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