Scientific research and essays isi impact factor

Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated.

Scientific research and essays isi impact factor

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He moved to the Bronx soon after his birth and grew up in a Jewish household in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood there.

His doctoral thesis, Radiative and photochemical processes in strato- and mesospheric dynamics, [7] concerned the interactions of ozone photochemistry, radiative transfer, and dynamics in the middle atmosphere.

Career[ edit ] Lindzen has published papers on Hadley circulationmonsoon meteorology, planetary atmosphereshydrodynamic instability, mid-latitude weatherglobal heat transportthe water cycleice ages and seasonal atmospheric effects.

His main contribution to the academic literature on anthropogenic climate change is his proposal of the iris hypothesis inwith co-authors Ming-Dah Chou and Arthur Y. He is the author of a standard textbook on atmospheric dynamics, and co-authored the monograph Atmospheric Tides with Sydney Chapman.

His work in these areas led him to a number of fundamental scientific discoveries, including the discovery of negative equivalent depths in classical tidal theory, explanations for both the quasi-biennial oscillation of the Earth's stratosphere and the four-day period of the superrotation of the Venus atmosphere above the cloud top.

Ozone photochemistry[ edit ] His PhD thesis of concerned the interactions of ozone photochemistry, radiative transfer and the dynamics of the middle atmosphere. This formed the basis of his seminal Radiative and Photochemical Processes in Mesospheric Dynamics that was published in four parts in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences between and Goodywho is well known for his textbook Atmospheric Radiation.

This work was extended in to include the effects of nitrogen and hydrogen reactions with his former PhD student, Donna Blake, in Effect of photochemical models on calculated equilibria and cooling rates in the stratosphere. Lord Kelvin had proposed the so-called "resonance" theory, wherein the semi-diurnal tide would be "selected" over the diurnal oscillation if the atmosphere was somehow able to oscillate freely at a period of very close to 12 hours, in the same way that overtones are selected on a vibrating string.

By the second half of the twentieth century, however, observations had failed to confirm this hypothesis, and an alternative hypothesis was proposed that something must instead suppress the diurnal tide.

InManfred Siebert suggested that absorption of solar insolation by tropospheric water vapour might account for the reduction of the diurnal tide.

Small who showed that stratospheric ozone absorbs an even greater part of the solar insolation. It was Lindzen, in his paper, On the theory of the diurnal tide, [24] who showed that the solution set of Hough functions given by Bernhard Haurwitz [25] to Laplace's tidal equation was incomplete: McKenzie, Lindzen extended the theory to include a term for Newtonian cooling due to emission of infrared radiation by carbon dioxide in the stratosphere along with ozone photochemical processes, [28] and then in he showed that the theory also predicted that the semi-diurnal oscillation would be insensitive to variations in the temperature profile, which is why it is observed so much more strongly and regularly at the surface.

This led to their joint publication in of a page monograph republished in as a book Atmospheric Tides.

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These winds became known as the "Krakatoa easterlies". These became known as the "Berson westerlies". Reed in and Veryhard and Ebdon in Lindzen recalls his discovery of the mechanism underlying the QBO in the semi-autobiographical review article, On the development of the theory of the QBO.

Scientific research and essays isi impact factor

Vertical propagation of long period disturbances at the equator, documented the failure of this attempt to explain the QBO. Byhe had contributed a number of papers on the theory of waves in the middle atmosphere.

In Planetary waves on beta planes, he developed a beta plane approximation for simplifying the equations of classical tidal theory, whilst at the same time developing planetary wave relations.My Open Wireless Network. Whenever I talk or write about my own security setup, the one thing that surprises people -- and attracts the most criticism -- is the fact that I run an open wireless network .

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Scientific research and essays isi impact factor

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