The ambitious guest plot

History[ edit ] Joplin completed Treemonisha inand paid for a piano-vocal score to be published in Treemonisha received a glowing, full-page review in the June issue. Its sole performance was a concert read-through with Joplin at the piano in at the Lincoln Theater in HarlemNew York, paid for by Joplin.

The ambitious guest plot


Arthur Samuels The spirit of a twin which died during separation at birth returns to claim the life and body of the surviving brother. Not for the squeamish. This is a very powerful episode, and doesn't pull its punches in the struggle between living and dead brothers.

The final scene has the most grotesque sound effects that I have heard, although it was quite successful in painting a very vivid picture in my mind of the action.

Scared the bejeezus out of me. The arguments between the brothers were involving, and the dead brother is unbelievably creepy. However, I didn't particularly care for Robert Stroud that much as a person, and therefore didn't really care what happened to him.

No heroically facing the unknown for this guy.

The ambitious guest plot

He sniveled and whined the whole way through. It reminds me of the Lights Out episode, "The Dark". Daly Strangely enough, this was my introduction to Nightfall, and it still ranks up there among my favorites in the series.

The idea of the spirit of a dead conjoined twin returning after thirty years to claim, not just his brother's life, but the heart they both shared, is one I've not encountered elsewhere. The story raised an interesting question concerning "survivor's guilt" and what appears to be its opposite.

Shall we call it "non-survivor's hatred"? The first half or so of the story is creepy enough, what with the arguments between living and dead brother, both sides of which can be heard by anyone else in the immediate area, but when "Dead Guy" starts forcing "Living Guy" to start killing people, the creepiness reaches a whole new level, as it does when we find out that "dead guy" is completely immune to being hypnotized, regardless of how "Living guy" is as far under as he can get until "Dead guy" starts calling the shots during the session.

An additional element of creepiness is added by this episode's musical score, some of which actually does somewhat resemble a beating heart, leaving the listener no doubt as to what exactly "Dead Guy" is ultimately after.The basic lesson of "The Ambitious Guest" by Nathaniel Hawthorne isthat nature is indifferent to man.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was anAmerican writer. Launched by the dazzling depravity of The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie is a marquee name this summer, starring in two big films: Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan.

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